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Welcome to our Granada Nicaragua Spanish School's free Elementary-level Coaching Website

Our Spanish school, in Nicaragua, was established on April 15, 1996, in the beautiful town of Granada, Nicaragua. We are called "One on One" for a reason: the school is a small learning center that offers private one-to-one tutoring sessions for every student. And we welcome students of all levels and ages.

As our materials for studying and practicing Spanish are varied and extensive, this website offers a free sampling of our elementary-level instruction (far-right column) which will be updated by adding new and more material. This way, you can test and improve your Spanish-language skills-and get an idea of the kind of instruction we provide at our school.

Of all the Spanish schools in Nicaragua, ours is among the smallest, but it is a question of quality over quantity. To enable the students to learn more effectively, we give them discrete hour-long lessons, each devoted to one aspect of instruction: grammar, drills, reading comprehension, and conversation. Moreover, each session is with a different tutor, so that students can benefit from different styles of instruction. It is possible to take anywhere from two to six hours of class a day, but the typical course load is four hours per day. The scheduling of the lessons is flexible, tailored to preferences of each student.

If you're considering coming to our school in Granada, note that we also offer the following services at airport pick-up and drop-off, B&B accommodations on the school premises, and home-stay accommodations with local families. By the way, if you are interested in learning Spanish from our tutors, but are not able to travel to Nicaragua, you can receive lessons at home via Skype or Google Hangout.

So, feel free to use our online material to improve your language skills, at no cost to you. And if have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether we see you in person or online, you are welcome at One on One Tutoring Language School ( Visit us & Hasta pronto!

About Granada

Granada is the third-oldest European-founded city in the Americas, dating back to 1524. It's also the most popular tourist destination in Nicaragua, famous for its beautiful postcard vistas, Spanish colonial architecture, and cathedrals, not to mention its lively nightlife.

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To Study Spanish

More and more people are coming to Latin America to learn Spanish. Many schools in the region do their best to make learning Spanish easier, but easier doesn't necessarily mean better. With a little extra effort, students can learn Spanish as it is actually spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world. You won't regret it!

To Learn Spanish

Most Spanish-language schools in Latin America teach a dumbed-down version of the language. For instance, Spanish has several forms of the pronoun "you": familiar or formal, singular or plural. But language schools frequently omit the verb conjugations for the "vosotros" form (plural "you"), since it is not applied throughout Latin America. Furthermore, they often limit the familiar singular "you" to a single translation, which is not an accurate guide to Spanish as it is spoken...anywhere!

To really learn Spanish

At One on One Tutoring, students get a thorough grounding in Spanish grammar and usage, so they can eventually gain proficiency in the language. And our students have the opportunity to learn, not only conventional Latin American Spanish, but everyday dialects spoken in diverse areas of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as in the many Spanish-speaking immigrant communities throughout the world.

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Start here

So, if you want to avoid miscommunication when talking with native Spanish speakers, Spanish School recommends that you learn Spanish correctly, Here's how...

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Instruction samples

sample 2

If you're a total beginner, here is a free flip-book with embedded audio files to help you learn the Spanish basics and to practice Spanish pronunciation.

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When you are done with our Unidad Uno flip-book, you can take the Unidad Uno quiz. If you pass, you are ready for Unidad Dos, which is offered at our school.

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If you did not pass the test, or think you need more preparation, go to the resource page on this website, where you'll find Spanish games, stories, and sound files. You'll be able to practice what you have learned and learn a bit more. And have fun while doing it!

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The flip-book, quiz, and games featured on this website provide just a glimpse of the diverse and imaginative materials used in One on One Beginners. Of course, students will spend a lot of time studying grammar and vocabulary, but they will also have the opportunity to apply the Spanish they are learning through games, interesting reading selections, and audio materials. This varied approach makes for a richer, more challenging, and ultimately more successful learning experience.

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