In 1994, Professor Roger A. Ramirez, after living in the USA for over nineteen years and getting a Business Administration Degree from the state of Maryland, started teaching Spanish as a second language to the first travelers that came to reside in Granada. In 1996, he opened the first Spanish Language School in Granada, Nicaragua, to help tourists and travelers from all over the world to learn and study Spanish as a second language or, to improve the language skills they could have.

From the beginning, as a Spanish language tutor, Roger Ramirez elaborated his own teaching material. First the material was hand written and created according to the students' need. Later, a student from Canada, appreciating Roger's effort, sent him, all the way from Canada, a typewriter. So, his teaching material became much more presentable and professional looking. Later in time, another student from Ireland presented Mr. Ramirez with his first computer. A lop top which was nothing like the ones we know today, it was thick and short of memory, but with the help of a set of memory cards that the student also gave him, Roger was able to start saving all of his work.

Now days, Roger Ramirez, from Granada, is still running his small Spanish language school in Nicaragua and is, still, working hard to improve his teaching material which you can access from this website. Not all of his work can be found here, but little by little, we will be adding more and more material for you to enjoy.

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